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HOFSA is celebrating its 20th year!

Missoula Camp  2021

Welcome to our 20th consecutive summer of sports camps.

Happy 20th anniversary for HOFSA!

Scroll down for the exciting summer schedule or go to menu and see summer camp schedule.

***We have the most flexible schedule to meet the needs of summer!  We have 10 separate weeks.  Notice our new package deals under tuition costs.  Get free days when you purchase any of the package deals!  NEW Amazing family package!

What camps allow you to come and go through out the summer?  What camps allow you to drop off day of camp even when you are not yet signed up?  What camps allow you to pay for a partial week?  We have all that and more.  The most flexible camp around!

All kids are broken up into groups by age and skill level to meet their needs.  Ages 5-14 are able to participate at camp.

When:  June 14th-August 20th

Where:  Play Fair Park.  South of Sentinel High school  West of Splash Montana   

For summer time specials and deals like us at: facebook.com/HOFSA1

Jack to the rack!

Coach Paul pitching batting practice with coach Melissa catching.

Good defense?  Sorry Kyan...might be a foul:)

 Good win boys!

Kael and baby Deklan chilling at lunch time.  Deklan comes with Mom right before nap time:)

Close game....girls win!

Alex Neighbauer looking to pelt coach Marshall.

Kael serving and Dylan waiting for the return volley.

World Series in week 5.

  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Football (touch)
  • Soccer
  • Nerf Dodgeball
  • Badminton 
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Frisbee Golf
  • Court Hockey (no skates)
  • Whiffle Ball
  • Kickball
  • Archery
  • Croquet
  • Lacrosse
  • Capture the Flag

Camp mascot Deklan is ready to play.

Coach Paul and his team planning for a touchdown.

The Gauntlet ball handling drill is a great tool for improvement.  Coaches, Ty Palmer and Josh Johns close in.

Fun at Splash Montana.  Coaches Paul, Drew Burfiend, and Drew Owens in the lazy river with kids in tow.

Junior tennis pros.

Jack means business on this throw. Probably aiming for a coach lol

Kaden Lincoln sacking coach Paul.

world cup

Alex and Bryce battling in the "clean out the yard" game.

Tuition:  You have many options to choose from.  If you have multiple children or plan on attending a lot of days or weeks the package deals will be cheaper.  You may split days between your children ONLY with the package deals.  A package deal must be paid in full by June 16th

1 week$151.00
4 days
3 days
2 days
1 day
$ 120.00
$  83.00
$  42.00
1/2 day$  26.00 

The above pricing is based on a per week basis and is regular tuition.  You may not buy a 1 week package and spread it out over several weeks.  Each week is separate.

Below are the package deals which are bulk rate and may be used as single days whenever you choose.  You may also split them between your sons and daughters. You must purchase the package deals by June 30th.  Note:  1/2 days with the bulk packages count as full days.  For example a 9 day package does not equal 18 half days.

Bulk savings you see below are based off the single day rate

Mini-Star Package:  Buy 9 days @$329.00  $49.00 savings 
All-Star Package:  Buy 15 days @$544.00 + Receive additional 1 free day $128.00 savings
Bronze PackageBuy 21 days @$740.00 + Receive additional 2 free days $226.00 savings
Silver PackageBuy 26 days @$899.00 + Receive 3 additional free days $319.00 savings
Gold PackageBuy 30 days @$999.00 + Receive 4 additional free days $429.00 savings
Platinum PackageBuy 40 days @$1299.00 + Receive 5 additional free days $591.00
Family PackageUnlimited days for family @$2999 see pricing and payment page for details

 These packages are bulk savings and must be used for 2020 summer only.  Any days left over do not transfer to following year.

*Note:  NO refunds.

Coach Drew and the San Francisco 49ers huddle up.

2021 schedule                                             NO camp July 2nd or July 5th.




                        Morning                                            Afternoon                  
Week 1
June 14-18
Tennis & LacrosseSoccer & Frisbee Golf
Week 2
June 21-25
Basketball & DodgeballKickball & Wiffle Ball
Week 3
June 28-July 1 (Only 4 days due to 4th of July)
ArcheryFootball & Baseball

No camp Friday July 2nd..  Pay 4 day rate.
Week 4
July 6-9 (No camp Monday July 5th)
Soccer & KickballBasketball & Badminton(Pay 4 day rate)
Week 5
July 13-17
Tennis & Baseball, SoftballVolleyball & Croquet
Week 6
July 20-24
Football & Frisbee GolfDodgeball & Capture the Flag
Week 7
July 27-31
Basketball & SoccerKickball & Whiffle Ball
Week 8 Aug 3-7Tennis & HockeyCapture the Flag
Week 9 Aug 10-14Football & BaseballDodgeball & Frisbee Golf
Week 10 Aug 17-21Basketball & TennisSoccer & Kickball
Last week of camp special events.
Wed: Movie, Thur: Splash, Fri:  pizza party, treasure hunt, scavenger hunt, & prizes

  8:00 am -   9:00 am Parent drop-off & Individual instruction                         
  9:00 am - 11:00 am Break up into groups for scheduled sports
11:00 am - 11:30 am   Lunch (all kids bring their own lunch)                          
11:30 am - 12:00 pm Free time & individual instruction
12:00 pm -   2:00 pm   Break up into groups for scheduled sports
  2:00 pm -   2:15 pm Snacks, awards, parent pick-up.  Camp closed at 2:20

Camp closed at 2:20.  There is a $15.00 late pick-up charge!  Please be on time.

**Once you have paid you will receive a welcome packet in the mail.

**All athletes will bring their own lunch.  Snacks will be provided by us.

Camp Attendance Awards

  • 11 days earns an "All Conference" workout towel
  • 17 days earns a "Legend" draw string back pack
  • 23 days earns an "All-Star" t-shirt
  • 28 days earns a "MVP" baseball cap
  • 33 days earns a "President" multi pocket back pack
  • 40 days earns "Champion" Basketball, Football & Soccer ball
  • Top 5 kids on the attendance list receive "special" prizes at the end of summer!

The last week of camp we take the kids to a pre-approved matinee or bowling.

During the warmest days of the summer we will go swimming once a week usually on Thursdays.  We usually wait until it warms up.  "Splash Montana" is a great deal of fun for all.   Parents will pick-up at Splash on swim days.  We ask kids to bring $3.00 that day to help with the additional costs.  Parents will be notified ahead of time on the Monday prior to going.

Coach Melissa and Quincy.

SPLASH Montana!

Coach Drew planning a sure touchdown.

Q  Where do you go if it rains?  If the day is not feasible we will cancel.  Call Paul if you are not sure.  Occasionally we will only get a half day due to weather.  About once or twice a summer.

Q  What should my child bring to camp?  Lunch, athletic shoes, warm and cold clothes, water bottle, sun screen, and they may bring their own sporting equipment if they wish.  If they do bring their own items write their names on it. 

Q  Is football tackle?  No.  It is touch football.

Q  Where do I drop off my child?  Every day at Play Fair Park on Bancroft Avenue.  We are located just West of Splash Montana near volleyball sand courts.  The south west parking lot of Splash Montana is best drop off spot.

Q  Where do I pick up my child? Same as drop off.

Q  Whom do I make the tuition check out to?  Hall of Fame Sports Camps

Q  Can I sign my child up after early registration?  Yes.

Q  Can I pay with a credit card?  Yes.

Q  What if my check bounces?  You will be required to pay the banking fees in addition to your current balance.

Q  What is the earliest I can drop off my child?  7:55 am we will have staff on site.

Q  What is the latest I can pick up my child?  Camp is closed by 2:20.

Q  Is your staff CPR and First Aide Certified and is their a med kit?  Yes, and Yes.

Q  I have never heard of this camp how long has it been running?  This is our 19th year.

Q  When do I have to pay my tuition?  After your initial sign up and fees paid you can pay each Monday you bring your child.  Most parents pay as they go or choose the package deals.

Q  How are kids transported to movies, or off site?  We use Beach Transport and their fleet of school buses.

Q  What are the most important features of your camp?  Safety, fun, growth, attendance flexibility, and skill development.

Q  If I have questions what number should I call?  The Executive Camp Director is Paul Marron and his number is 360-9424.

Q  Does Court Hockey use roller blades.  No.  We use court shoes.

Q  Does my child need to wear his camp shirt every day?  Yes.  It is a safety requirement.  All coaches and athletes will wear their shirts each day.  If your child forgets his shirt you will be required to purchase a new one at drop off for $10.00

Q  Can I buy an additional shirt?  Yes.  Extra shirts are $10.00 talk to Paul Marron.

Q  Should I be concerned about dodge ball?  No.  We use nerf balls and have very specific rules of engagement.

Q  How safe is Archery?  Very safe.  We use safety tip arrows and the same type bows the schools use.  We also hire extra coaches for that week.

We have a camp game called "poker tennis".  Everyone strives to be the "King".

Any questions or concerns please call or email Paul Marron at: 

Phone:  360-9424

Email:  pmarron@halloffamesportsacademy.com

or pmarron@live.com

Good concentration by Simon.

Razzle dazzle football

Great catch Devin!

Touch football.

Jane Albrecht and Whitney Morrison

dribble gauntlet is tough and fun...

Samuel looking to peg the camera man even though he is not playing dodgeball lol...

Kids working hard at hitting targets.