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Dilan keeping his team in the game...

Kyan Elam was the camp attendance King for 2017!

Bo knows HOFSA

Bri and Gigi battling. 

Hockey championship 2018

A lot of very good soccer action.  Kids played as a team.

Soccer is a camp favorite.

Landon and Benny defending Ethan.

These boys were awesome at hitting the targets.

Abby and Anna dueling in 4 on 4 football

Anna driving the lane.  Andre defending up top.

Skittle wars.

Up the middle for a touchdown.


Kyan is a good tennis player.  He was always on the best team it seems:)

Duck, dip, dive, dodge...

Benny defending the bigger boys like a champ.  I love seeing Sully (trailing) as part of the action.  He has come so far.  I'm proud of him.  Good job Sully!

Coach Lindsey working with the younger kids.

Badminton Champs!

Lighting round for Lacrosse tourney

Mac on the right dominated this day of hockey.

Coach Alex proud of his team win with Tristan arms up in the background.

Great day for baseball!

The kids love dodgeball and so do I...

Joe Montana...err Nic Marron draws up a play.

Andre in the for-ground looking to score.

Week championship game.

Baby Deklan gets lots of attention when he comes to visit camp.

Nice catch Rian!

Dylan sharing with teamates.

Beckett playing good defense on Tatiana.

Oh.  Will is ready!

2018 hockey Stanley Cup game.

Samuel Ender scoring a touchdown dragging coach Drew with him...:)

The "Super Gauntlet" is awesome!

Out at second...

Tommy looking for the endzone.

2015 Archery. 

Team dodgeball with the nerf balls is really a ton of fun!

Badminton World Series 2105

Hockey Battle

Orange team closing in on defense...

Coaches Quincy and Lindsay working with the younger kids in a passing drill.

Younger kids working on tennis drills with Coach Marshall.

Coach Paul officiating the specific rules of engagement.

Badminton 2018

Whitney running for daylight..

Junior Hockey.

Kyan getting to shoot while teaming with big brother.....rare event I caught on camera lol

Home run derby!

Volleyball action.

Kylie with her eye on the ball during whiffle ball.

Face off...

Goalie is ready!

Jory working the over hand serve.

Duck, dip, dive, and DODGE!

Kelten during kickball.

Asher Zimmerman waiting to serve for volleyball.

Girls vs. Boys Dodgeball

Levi taking aim.

Good battle kids!

Boys down to two survivors...

Setting up the dodgeball gauntlet.

Good job girls!

Alex Neibauer in transition

Ari holding Sebastion close.

Kade checking to see where his aim and arrow landed...Kael next over is claiming a 100 pt cone hit...

Go Alex!

Last day of camp treasure hunt 2018

Taylor defending Tatiana in 2 on 2 soccer.

Great job kids!

Coach Drew scheming up a new play in football.

Parker scoring a touchdown!

It is a soccer dual...

Coach Melissa/Peyton Manning calling play:)

Good catch!

Face off...

Kelton and Michael teaming up in 2 on 2 hockey...

Wimbledon for sure...

Hannah and tatiana getting instructions from coach Melvin...

Warm days at Splash...

Rian McKinnon/Yoda with back to picture attacking coach Paul....lol