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We now accept credit cards!  See bottom of page for details.

There are several flexible options to choose from.  Once you are on the camp roster you may pay as you go and bring kids when it fits your needs. 

Tuition: You have many options to choose from. If you have multiple children or plan on attending a lot of days or weeks the package deals will be cheaper. You may split days between your children ONLY with the package deals. A package deal must be paid in full by June 30th.

1 week $151.00
4 days $141.00
3 days $120.00
2 days $ 83.00
1 day $ 42.00
1/2 day $ 26.00

The above pricing is based on a per week basis and is regular tuition. You may not buy a 1 week package and spread it out over several weeks. Each week is separate.

Bulk savings!  Notice the free days you get on top of the days you buy!  Use through out the summer as needed.  Must be used for current summer.  No roll over to next year.

Below are the package deals which are bulk rate and may be used as single days whenever you choose. You may also split them between kids.   Savings below are based off single day rate.

NOTE:  1/2 day attendance equals a full day.  Example:  You couldn't buy the 9 day package and make it 18 half days.

Mini-Star Package: Buy 9 days @$329.00 $49.00 savings

All-StarPackage: Buy 15 days @$544.00 + Receive 1 free days $128.00 savings

Bronze Package Buy 21 days @$740.00 + Receive 2 free days $226.00savings

Silver Package Buy 26 days @$899.00 + Receive 3 free days $319.00 savings

Gold Package Buy 30 days @$999.00 + Receive 4 free days $429.00 savings      

Platinum Package Buy 40 days @$1299.00 + Receive 5 free days $591.00 savings

NEW**  Family Package:  Unlimited days for entire family.  Perfect for families with multiple kids.  Any family with 2+ kids this is an AMAZING DEAL!  Immediate family only.

$2999.00    2 kids cost would average $136.31 per week per child

                 3 kids cost would average $90.87 per week per child

                 4 kids cost would average $68.15 per week per child.


Click on the link or square button to pay by credit card.  Note:  $3.99 is added to each purchase for credit card transaction fees.   Note:  Once you have paid by credit card please fill out an application and either mail it to:  HOFSA, 14604 W. Fairmount Ave, Goodyear, AZ 85395 or scan an application filled out and email it to camp director Paul Marron:  pmarron@live.com


**Due to staffing and costs we don't offer refunds.