Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions regarding HOFSA. If you still have questions after reviewing this page, please contact us directly by clicking the Email link below.

Where do you go if it rains?

If the day is not feasible we will cancel.  Call Paul if you are not sure.  Occasionally we will only get a half day due to weather.  About once or twice a summer.

Where do I drop off my child?

Every day at Play Fair Park on Bancroft Avenue.  We are located just West of Splash Montana near volleyball sand courts.  The south west parking lot of Splash Montana is best drop off spot.

What should my child bring to camp?

Lunch, athletic shoes, warm and cold clothes, water bottle, sun screen, and they may bring their own sporting equipment if they wish.  If they do bring their own items write their names on it. 

Is football tackle?

No.  It is touch football.

Where do I pickup my child?

Same as drop off.

Whom do I make the tuition check out to?

Hall of Fame Sports Camps

Can I sign my child up after early registration?


Can I pay with a credit card?


When do I have to pay my tuition?

After your initial sign up and fees paid you can pay each Monday you bring your child.  Most parents pay as they go or choose the package deals.

What are the most important features of your camp?

Safety, fun, growth, attendance flexibility, and skill development.

Does court hockey use roller blades?

No.  We use court shoes.

If I have questions what number should I call?

The Executive Camp Director is Paul Marron and his number is 360-9424.

Should I be concerned about dodge ball?

No.  We use nerf balls and have very specific rules of engagement.

What if my check bounces?

You will be required to pay the banking fees in addition to your current balance.

What is the earliest I can drop off my child?

7:55 am we will have staff on site.

What is the latest I can pick up my child?

Camp is closed by 2:15.

Is your staff CPR and First Aide Certified and is there a med kit?

Yes and Yes. Plus, we have a Registered Nurse on staff.

I have never heard of this camp how long has it been running?

This is our 23rd year.

How are kids transported to movies, or off site?

We use Beach Transport and their fleet of school buses.

Does my child need to wear his/her camp shirt every day?

Yes.  It is a safety requirement.  All coaches and athletes will wear their shirts each day.  If your child forgets his shirt you will be required to purchase a new one at drop off for $15.00

Can I buy an additional camp shirt?

Yes.  Extra shirts are $15.00 talk to Paul Marron.

How safe is archery?

Very safe.  We use safety tip arrows and the same type bows the schools use.  We also hire extra coaches for that week.

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Executive Camp Director: Paul Marron
Phone number: 406-360-9424


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